Medical Facilities through Drishtikare

Champawat is the first project chapter of Drishtikare and Child Care is our primary concern. Aid is subsidized/free as the case may be Drishtikare is the main medical centre for Raven Mount School (T)...

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"The trip was wonderful. It was the kind of exposure we had wanted for the girls. Many had come for trekking the first time living in tents was an experiance in itself. The treks, the picnics, the hospitality, the campfires, Neeru's riddles... I take this opportunity to thank all at Camp Warren and may god bless you for the wonderful work you are doing".

Sister Ivy. Principal St Anthonys School. Hauz Khas. New Delhi. April 2005.


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Environment awareness and betterment through Action Green

greenThe first chapter of Action Green our environment program is being implemented at Champawat. This fabled fragile environmental belt, housing a large variety of flora and fauna is fast vanishing. The concern to conserve the remaining, has been taken up on a war footing. The attempt is to curtail over dependence on natural resources for fuel and fodder.


  • To activate and sustain pro environment movement in friction areas between man and nature. And to make technology and resources available.
  • Spreading Awareness. Collective action for balanced development. Encourage reforestation.
  • Promote ecotourism.
  • Preservation of Fauna. Discontinue practice of dynamiting fish.
  • Water management/harvesting.
  • Use of subsidized alternate fuel resources.
  • Aiding and abetting natural habitat and heritage protection project


Proceeds from Turfs and Hives - upholding the tenets of eco- friendly tourism. Organize events to raise funds. Implementation of programs executed through grants/sponsorships.


The local populace of the project area is the back bone and their collective action is the main stay, of this people based movement. For conducting programs, events and seminars, Volunteers with a know how on green way of life, will be provided with board and lodging at Camp Warren.


Progressing Action Green at a micro level Drishtikone has ensured that its requirement of wood for fuel and heat is zero. This has put us in a position where we can encourage people to reduce and do away with wood as a staple source of heat in this cold mountainous region. This is easier said than done. Generations of local lifestyle subsisting on free fire wood from jungles are not willing players in this program. The harsh winters where the absence of heat can mean life or death for the impoverished people. This throws agencies implementing conservation and protection programs in a moral dilemma.


flowersAs a first step we are trying to decimate the information about ill health suffered by the women through firewood in the kitchen. We have met with large success in rural homes which have LPGconnections. A rising demand for LPG connections is pending availability of funds with our program Action Green. Better still solar heat.

The Action Green program is being well received by visitors to Camp Warren. But some visitors are still unable to abstain from ritualistic camp fires. Though Guests at Turfs & Hives cottages do not flinch at non use of electricity at times.

Recycling and waste management with stress on organic lifestyles got many accolades for Action Green from visitors.

Tree Plantation is encouraged in group participation.

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