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This fabled fragile environmental belt, housing a large variety of flora and fauna is fast vanishing. The concern to conserve the remaining, has been taken up on a war footing. The attempt is to curtail over dependence on natural resources for fuel and fodder...

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"Great hospitality! Great organisation. Every moment spent here is an experiance and learning".

Anuradha Rao senior teacher Tagore International School. Vasant Vihar. New Delhi. May 2008.


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Casting 4 Gold 2014

The 8th International
Angling Meet will be held from:

Oct 18 (15:00 hrs) To Oct 22 (11:00 hrs) 2014.

At Pancheshwar (Confluence of Saryu and Maha Kali)

District Champawat, Uttarakhand, India.



Mr Christopher Oldmeadow at Casting 4r Gold 2007

REGISTRATION & PARTICIPATION: A cap of 13 participants only. 3 participant slots reserved for international participants. Participation Fee is Rupees Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred Only (Rs.13,600/-). Participation fees may be deposited in favour of Drishtikone into any branch of Punjab National Bank in favour of Drishtikone Sav. a/c # 4954000100024568. NEFT IFSC: PUNB0495400.

Please flag in your deposit to coordinator Saikat Das (0)9412097056 /

PROGRAM HOST: DFO (Champawat) and Drishtikone — a public charitable trust - working in the field of education, health care & environment in Uttarakhand, are the co-hosts of this program. Drishtikone is the implementing partner of Incredible India Rural Tourism Scheme, Ministry of Tourism G.O.I.

VENUE & DATE: In a gorge. At the confluence of the rivers Saryu & Mahakali in Pancheswar, District Champawat, Uttarakhand.

Oct 18 (15:00 hrs) To Oct. 22 (11:00 hrs) 2014.

TRAVEL IDEAS: Pancheswar is 1:15 hrs. drive (40 Km.) from the nearest town of Lohaghat. Participants may seek assistance from DFO range office in Lohaghat for transfer to venue, chargeable. Champawat the district HQ is 1:45 hrs. (55 Km.) driving time to Pancheswar. Similarly, barring stoppages, driving time from Delhi 11 hrs. (485 km); Nainital 6:30 hrs. (185 Km.); Almora 6:00 hrs. (170 Km); Tanakpur 5:00 hrs. (130 Km). Conversely one can take the train to Kathgodam and have the hosts facilitate Jeep transfer (chargeable) to venue, 6 hrs drive. Champawat (district HQ) 55 Km. from venue site is also a good staging point. On offer newly constructed cottages & rooms under the Rural Tourism Scheme (Ministry of Tourism GOI) in Drishtikone complex at Dudhpokhra. Clean food & stay. 9:00 hrs. (429 Km.) drive from Delhi. The airstrip at Pant Nagar is 7:00 hrs. (210 Km.). Helipad at Champawat & Lohaghat.

FOOD: Pan Indian vegetarian & non vegetarian fare. Bed tea / coffee & buffet service meals of b’fast, lunch, evening tea & dinner. Only non alcoholic drinks will be served in camp. Three bottles of packaged drinking water / day/participant, extras and sodas chargeable.

Indicative Menu:
06.30 Bed tea ’n biscuits.
08:30 B’fast: Milk, cereals, eggs/cutlets, poha / upma, bread /parantha/puri, fruits, tea etc.
11:30 Tea/lemonade etc.
13:00 Lunch (veg.) Rice/pulao, roti/parantha, dal, subzi, curds/raita, salad, sweet savory.
17:00 Tea.
18:30 onwards Savories: salads, fries, nuts, soup etc.
20:30 Dinner: Fried rice/roti, dal, subzi, paneer, salad, fish / chicken / mutton, dessert.
Service closes 21:45 hrs.

Mr. Julian Stapely, 58 pound, rubber plug, on the Mahakali

STAY: Tent Colony on the banks of the Saryu & Maha Kali. Lavatory & shower stall. Solar/oil lighting. Lockers for peace of mind. Evening camp fires. 2/4 sharing live in tents. First to come, first to choose basis. Bedding Cots, Pillow, Mattress, Sheet, Coverlet/blanket provided for all participants.

EQUIPMENT & GEAR: All equipment ’n gear related to angling will be self provided by participants. Lures: soft rubber plugs, jointed rapalas. Spoons don't do too well. Water proof and warm clothing in case of squalls n thundershower. Torch/batteries and other std. gear. Despite availability participants may bring their own sleeping bag and tent. 2 man sleeping tent only. Please No Firearms — International Border!

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: We expect that the participants are accustomed to & enjoy outdoor lifestyle. There is a 2 bed infirmary and first-aid in camp. Stand by ambulance. Govt. hospital at Lohaghat, 1:15 hrs by road. Participants need to carry personal medicines & toiletries.


  • Jeep transfer to venue, from Railhead at Kathgodam. Takes 6 hrs.
  • Road route from Delhi via Moradabad, Rampur, Rudrapur, Kiccha, Khatima, Tanakpur, Champawat, Lohaghat Pancheswar — 485 Km.
  • You can expect cool days and chilly night at venue.
  • Waning moon 'Krishna Paksh'.
  • KMVN tourist rest houses in Champawat & Lohaghat. Poor service.
  • No hot water in camp, but we promise half a bucket /head/day.
  • IDEA mobile connectivity at venue. Erratic service BSNL 20 Km. uphill.
  • The very swift river Kali is not meant for pleasure swims.
  • Paddled/motorized boats need special clearances, not secured in this package.
  • The river Kali is an international border. Nepal, on the other side.
  • Baleshwar Mahadev temple at Champawat & Banasur Ka Quilla at Karankaryat — Lohaghat is worth visiting.
  • A royalty payment of 5% of charges are being paid to Mahsheer Sangrakshan Samity Pancheswar — included in the package.
  • Refunds only till 10 days prior to event.
  • Delhi pick-ups can be arranged. Query hotline (+91)9412097056 .
  • The record catch for the Golden Mahsheer 114 pounds.
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Nuggets from earlier Meets

“...solid foundation for Mahasheer conservation in Kali & Saryu” S.S Rasaily C.F. North Kumaon (2007).

"As before a wonderful....enjoyed warm and friendly hospitality :-) but No Fish :-(". Jehangir Vakil - Ahmedabad (2010).

"...Great trip... scenery amazing...arrangments were very good and meals excellent. Thanks... a memorable experiance". Brigadier B Virmani Delhi (2010).

“Nice start...fresh energy to Mahsheer conservation at Pancheswar” Naresh Kumar DFO Almora (2007).

“Good camp, food excellent. Will come again” Mr C. Oldmeadow, Byecot Estate, Magarna - Patlikul, Kullu, H.P.(2009).

“Thanks so much for the hospitality n company.” Jeremy Wilson (2007).

“What a do! Tandoor was gr8! Fished with Paul Tonk after 25-30 years. Please do this again soon” abhikgupta (2007).

“A wonderful place, better again with the hospitality of Drishtikone. Wish to come back again” Th. Dorendra Singh, Imphal (2011).

“Great fishing trip. Drishtikone did a great job bringing fellow anglers from all over India. Would love to come back with family” Dhananjay Gola, Chennai (2008).

"Company & Hospitality was the best. GR8 food Saikat. Caught my first Mahseer. Small but quite beautiful!" Ian Devenish, UK (1012).

"...Super camp, lovely staff & service.... will be seeing you again" Richard Pitts, UK (2012)

I... The GENTLE(WO)MAN Angler’s declaration...

  • Being mindful that this a ‘meet, not a challenge’.
  • ‘Catch & Release’ policy.
  • ‘Aid ‘n Abet’ in keeping ‘records of catches’.
  • Use ‘means fair’ & to the tenets of ‘pure angling’. No dead line baiting.
  • Not use a stand-in / attendant angler.
  • Sensitive to the environment — ‘soft footfall’.
  • Be ‘sociable’ with camp mates.
  • Be ‘sober’ in my ‘merriment’.

In this help me god to be an angler true….



Phone: (+91) 9412097056

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