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This fabled fragile environmental belt, housing a large variety of flora and fauna is fast vanishing. The concern to conserve the remaining, has been taken up on a war footing...

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It was a humbling experiance to visit this Camp Warren. The kind of work being done by drishtikone is an example to us all. The hospitality extended to us can not be expressed in mere words. Thank you & hats off to you".

Ishita Mukherjee, Archana Chauhan, Nikita Chopra and Meena Nagpal Teachers of Tagore International School. Vasant Vihar. Delhi. May 2008.


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Medical facilities through Drishtikare, our health program

Champawat is the first project chapter of Drishtikare and Child Care is our primary concern. Aid is subsidized/free as the case may be Drishtikare is the main medical centre for Raven Mount School (T)


To seek and get medical relief is the right of every citizen. Quick effective medical aid is all the more a distant dream in remote areas . If the terrain is mountainous, then nearly an impossibility. To make such impossibility and dreams a reality, is the ethos of Drishtikare.


Organize medical relief and transport trauma cases. Set up health camps at regular intervals. Spread health awareness through print and visual media. Establish a medical aid center. Land acquired in 2005 for the same.


Villagers of target areas are the active participants while Drishtikare team led by professionals are to effect such health camps. Volunteers are welcome with specific/specialized qualifications -against board and lodging at Camp Warren.


The activity and effectiveness is directly proportionate to the amount of finances at our disposal. Inception and maintenance of a mobile medical unit (MMU), is of primary concern still.


The land has been bought which is located at the road head. The dispensary/building and the required infrastructure is directly linked with the amount of money at our disposal. Contributions for the same are welcome the target to commence the work is year 2009—2010.


Working at the micro level; Drishtikare has successfully effected health care for the students of Raven Mount
School (T)
along with dozen workers of Drishtikone and their immediate family.

Over and above the allopathic administration importance is given to naturopathy through natural herbs and concoctions.

Other than the regular cough and cold the only bout is of measles amongst the children, with only very few being effected.

Drishtikare has been able to administer and advice the local populace in emergency and First Aid situation. Liberal use of the Drishtikone vehicle has been made by providing transportation to the District medical centre and Mayawati ashram hospital located at Loha-ghat. However a single vehicle can never ensure availability for such endeavours of emergency evacuation.

There is a strong case for a mobile medical unit with paramedic support in the outreaches of this remote mountainous border district, long pending. Suggestions/Advice/Donations are invited.


Doctors Voluntary Outreach Camp Under The Aegis Of DRISHTIKON.

Drishtikone Trust expresses its thanks and gratitude to the people of Champawat at large for attending the Medical Camp headed by Dr. Ravi Hanumant Gokhale MS Orthopedics; Dr.(Mrs.) Vidya Gokhale MS Obstetrics & Gynecology. And Dr. Kuldeep Pandey BAMS supported by Mr Yogendra and Mr Virendra Lab Technicians and Mr Dinesh Kumar Anesthetist & Cast Settings.

In all there were 47 cases of Orthopedics attended by Dr R H Gokhale. Dr Mrs. V Gokhale attended 93 cases with regard to Obstetrics & Gynecology while Dr. Kuldeep Pandey attended 147 general outpatients and conduvted MI on 62 students of Raven Mt School (T). 2 Cast settings were done. 139 pathological tests were conducted. Medicine worth Rs.29,000/- was prescribed and distributed to camp patients.

A special thanks for the prompt and efficient manner in which Dr. Shah CMO Champawat and Dr. R K Joshi Deputy CMO Champawat assisted the camp with the logistical support of an ambulance. The Auxialiary Nurse & Midwife (ANM) Ms. Kalavati Kunwar and ASHA worker Ms. Rukmani Devi lent able support in their respective rolls making the camp a tremendous success.

Dr. R H Gokhale and his team were very happy at the outcome of the camp and has requested Drishtikone to make this a Quarterly/Six monthly affair in which he would be happy to contribute his and his teams expertise and services in future too for the benefit of the hill people of Champawat & Lohaghat..

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