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"Had planned to visit this place for a long time. Was happy to finally make it. Tree preservation is impressive, as also the views from the cottages. A site map is required for a complex of this size along with greater association with village is required for acheiving project targets".

Rajiv Bhartari (IFS) Additional Secy. Tourism. Govt. Of Uttarakhand. September. 2008.


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Highlights & Happenings

1996 - 2002

  1. Initial Land Acquired by the First Trustee Neeru Das.
  2. Registration of the Trust Deed (Send Email for a copy).
  3. Bank Accounts established in Delhi and Champawat.
  4. Accounts maintained and Audited by honorary Shri. Ashok Malhotra.
  5. Establishment of Transit house in Champawat.
  6. Establishment of Delhi Office.
  7. Connections pertaining to Electricity Water Gas etc. established.
  8. Commemorative book written by First Trustee and Published by Penguin with proceeds in favour of Drishtikone released.

2002 - 2005

  1. Gazebo constructed.
  2. Raven Mount School (T) starts.
  3. Constructed the basic School and a set of Toilets.
  4. Kitchen made.
  5. Infrastructure and amenities for Drishtikone.
  6. Constructed a Garage on a ten year lease land!
  7. ROPES I and II comes in full swing with from Delhi schools.
  8. Land Acquired for Dispensary.
  9. Land acquired on the road head.
  10. Constructed 2 toilets for Gramin’s and 2 gender based in different schools as per Rotary International guidelines and support
  11. The stage is constructed.

The above done (Drishtikone projects initiated in 2003) at the behest and expense of First Trustee Saikat Das who liquidates his inherited property in Delhi to kick start Drishtikone activities in Champawat.

August 2005 - Till date (July 2008)

  1. RTS - RURAL TOURISIM SCHEME (An Incredible India Project) GOI starts being Implemented.
  2. Undertakings are given and Land is transferred
  3. Dining Hall Gender Based Bathrooms/Expansion of Kitchens/Common Room, One Family Unit Cottage—Marie Gold, Resource Centre and Kala Kaksh is completed
  4. Remaining buildings – Three are being constructed (RTS centre, Cottages Firefly and Honey Suckle.
  5. International Angling Meet was organized at Pancheshwar with the help of the Forest Department.
  6. 200 - 250 visitors only due to constructions
  7. Raven Mount School (T) has now jumped up to have 70 students totally from the KG - VII std
  8. Curio shop (ringle) constructed as well as book n stationery shop by the name of 'Quills n Frills'
  9. Stream of visitors.
Gazeebo at Camp Warren
AV Room
Multimedia room above dining hall
Gender based set of five loos
School and resource centre
Morning assembly in front of stage
Cottage Marigold
Consruction with cottage in the backdrop
Camp Warren
Designed by Manav Agarwal